It’s a Battle Rap Beat-Down – Of Compliments!

Battle rappers Pat Stay and Rone complimented the sh*t out of each other.
By Christine Linnell
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  • Battle rappers Pat Stay and Rone had an epic face-off and it was … aww, kind of sweet actually!

    The two rappers have a reputation for beating down their opponents with rhymes and insults, but at last year’s Hopscotch Festival they mixed it up and tried to out-nice each other.

    “You’re so majestic a fucking beast that it’s impossible to clown you!” Rone says. “You’re so good looking a man, but that’s the least interesting thing about you!”

    Pat Stay is Canadian, though, so he’s got to be pretty hard to beat. “Boy, I’m gonna compliment you ’til you have such a confidence boost you be doing the helicopter all cocky walking through an NBA locker room!”