It takes a lot of work to ruin pizza AND chicken at the same time
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  • You like pizza, don’t you? Of course you do. Everyone loves pizza. Except for all that useless dough! Ugh. Wouldn’t it be great if someone took away all the bread in a pizza and replaced it with fried chicken? Well good knews, imaginary person with awful taste in food, KFC has you covered! From the great minds that brought us the Double Down, KFC is back at it with another hideous food fusion. Behold, the Chizza.

    Much like the Double Down before it, the Chizza replaces bread with dough. And much like the Double Down before it, the Chizza looks like a sloppy, salty mess. The video above is a advertisement. It’s mission is to make the Chizza look as good as possible. And it fails. Even the jolly young man with the guitar fails. This thing looks nasty.

    Luckily, only the Philippines are subject to KFC’s latest abomination. The rest of us are safe… for now.