Parkour Masters Re-Create “Mirror’s Edge”

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  • This is nuts. Mirror’s Edge, the 2007 first-person parkour classic, was a special game. Its unique controls, visually stunning setting, and intense parkour action have made it a cult classic of the modern gaming era. No video game developer has ever tried to imitate its style and control. And definitely no one has ever tried to pull of Mirror’s Edge moves in real life. Until now!

    Freerunner Claudio Voicu strapped a GoPro camera to his head, gathered some of his friends to play to roles of enemies, and went to work. The results are beyond impressive. It’s hard to believe, but he swears that all of the parkour stunts in this video are real! Not just real. Voicu writes in a blog post, “Despite some of the moves looking quite extreme (especially to non-Freerunners) all of our filming days were fun, easy and safe.”

    We definitely know what we’re watching isn’t safe. But it’s totally awesome. How do you possibly top something like this? Voicu actually has some ideas: “So next up… Assassin’s Creed?”

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