John Oliver Goes Off on the Scam of Sports Stadiums

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  • Watching sports can be a thrilling, dramatic experience. Discussing stadium construction is not. So guess what John Oliver was talking about on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight? Wait, don’t go! It’s interesting, we promise.

    Using public money to build stadiums has long been the norm when it comes to major league construction. A team approaches a city or municipality, offering toe revitalize a certain part of town, or even just improve moral for the team, if only they could have a brand new stadium. Of course, the city or municipality is then on the hook for millions of dollars as they pitch in to build these huge structures for privately-owned businesses. No other business model works that way, but it’s been happening in sports for years.

    “Sports teams are successful businesses with wealthy owners, and yet they still get our help,” Oliver says. He goes on to point out that even though public money is used in the construction of these stadiums, little to none of the profit goes back to the city.

    It’s basically a scam. A scam that’s been going on for a long time, with no sign of changing. The perfect topic for Oliver to masterfully skewer. See, we told you it would be interesting.

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