YouTube Stars Jack & Jack Perform Hit Single “Flights”

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  • We’ve had “flights to LA, trips to Paris” running through our heads all week after this great live performance from Jack & Jack at our Ask Artist event.

    The duo performed their hit single “Flights” to a lucky group of fans at YouTube Space LA last week. The song was a big hit with the audience, and clips from the performance have been blowing up on Vine and Twitter.

    Jack Gilinsky explained, “It was the second song we ever wrote together, and it was right around the time when Jack and I’s career started to pick up. We had to travel a lot, so we were going on a bunch of different planes. Sometimes girls would be on our minds and we’d be like, ‘Man, I wish there was a girl next to us.'”

    “It’s about travelling the world with a girl by your side,” Jack Johnson added.

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