Lorde Surprises Taylor Swift Fans with “Royals” Performance

Pop star sisters Taylor and Lorde had a great time on the 1989 tour - even after Taylor had a stage malfunction.
By Christine Linnell
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  • We’ll never get tired of Taylor Swift and Lorde being besties – it’s like one of those adorable “odd animal pairing” videos where a fluffy kitten romps and plays with a mythical forest creature or something.

    Taylor surprised her fans by bringing out Lorde for a performance of “Royals” during her 1989 tour on Monday. Lorde flew across the world to perform with Taylor in Washington DC, and the Swifties loved it.

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  • Later on Taylor got stuck in midair when her stage malfunctioned, but she took it all in stride. “I’ll just be here forever, stuck up here unless I choose to jump down. But in the meantime, I’m going to sing a song for you called ‘Clean,’ and I hope you’ll sing along!”

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  • Despite the media trying to pit the two stars against each other, Taylor and Lorde have been good friends for a long time. “I feel so lucky being part of this amazing circle of girls who are there for each other, dancing without inhibition, laughing for hours, and killing it at work, and we’re pretty much all here ’cause of her,” Lorde said on Taylor’s 25th birthday. “What I’m trying to say is, she’s magic.”