“Twilight” Short Films Expand Stephanie Meyer’s World

A women-centric short film contest premiering on Facebook brings new facets of the saga to light.
By Christine Linnell
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  • The last “Twilight” film may have aired nearly three years ago, but Stephanie Meyer’s universe of romance, angst and sparkly vampires is still going strong. A series of short films premiering on Facebook brings us seven new stories from the Twilight Saga, all from women who were inspired by the books to become writers and filmmakers.

    The Twilight Storytellers contest – sponsored by Lionsgate, Women in Film, Volvo and crowdsourcing platform Tongal – invited women to make pitches for stories set in the Twilight universe. Over 1,300 scripts were submitted to the contest and 150 directors made pitches to direct. Each filmmaker was awarded $50,000 to produce their short film and consulted with Meyer and producer Cathy Schulman to keep their stories true to the books. And on Monday, the seven finalists attended a screening of their work at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood.

  • “Storytellers” finalists meet with Stephanie Meyer and Kristen Stewart

  • “In any given room you are talking to 50 male directors and one female director pitching for the same project,” Meyer said during a Q&A afterward. “What was exciting about this project is someone was willing to put their money where their mouth was.”

    The films expand the Twilight saga far beyond Edward and Bella’s star-crossed romance in modern-day Forks, Washington, filling in backstories that are only hinted at in the books. “We’ve Met Before,” for example, imagines how clairvoyant vampire Alice met her soulmate Jasper in a 1940s Philadelphia diner; “Consumed” jumps back to 800 AD in England to tell the story of how twin vampires Jane and Alec met Aro, the leader of the Volturi.

    Watch all seven short films finalists on The Twilight Saga’s Facebook page, and then vote for the $100,000 grand prize winner here.

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