Marriage Proposal at F.A.O. Schwarz

The most iconic toy store in New York closes its doors.
By Caroline Grell
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    While this marriage proposal is from March 31, 2007, it was just posted on Reddit following the July 15 closing of the world famous Manhattan toy store F.A.O Schwarz. The couple met while working in the store, so it only seems right that the proposal took place on the iconic Big Piano.

    The store closed its doors yesterday after 29 years of toy selling. On May 15, the store released a statement announcing its impending closing due to the high cost of the area:

    “We plan to formally close the Fifth Avenue location on Wednesday, July 15. The decision to vacate this space is due to the continuing rising costs of operating a retail location on Fifth Avenue in New York City.”

    The three-story toy mecca on 5th Avenue opened its doors in 1986 and included a candy section, baby department, and of course the Big Piano. Kids and adults alike will for sure miss this iconic place that brought so much joy to so many people. We’ll miss you, F.A.O Schwarz!