Colorblind Man Sees In Full Color for the First Time

The color of grass is the most beautiful thing in the world to him.
By Christine Linnell
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  • Watching a colorblind man see the world in vivid color for the first time really drives home how most of us take that for granted.

    In this viral video, YouTuber Ethan Scott explains that he’s been red-green colorblind all his life. “It doesn’t mean I see the world in black and white, it just means that I see things a little bit more dull than usual. I can see some pink and some green, it’s just that sometimes green looks brown or yellow, and pink looks silver or blue.”

    For his birthday, a close friend bought him a pair of EnChroma glasses, a new innovation that allows colorblind people to see in full color. Ethan didn’t know what they were when he put them on, so when the colors began to register, they completely and utterly blew his mind.

    “Holy shit!” he exclaims over and over, staring at colored markers and Post-It notes like they’re the most miraculous things in the world. “Oh my god! Is this purple?! What the fuck!”

    By the time he runs outside to look at grass and trees, he’s practically in tears. “It’s so beautiful!”