This Weird Fuzzy Bunny-Slug Creature is Just the Cutest

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  • Slugs and bunnies, two creatures that couldn’t be further apart. Slugs are slimy and gross, bunnies are fluffy and adorable. Or so we thought! Well, actually, we still think that. It’s true almost always. Except for the case of the adorable Jorunna. Behold, the bunny slug! These things are cute!

    The Jorunna, sometimes called a sea hare, are a particular kind of sea slug. Underwater, they almost look like fluffy bunnies. They even have ears! (Technically, rhinophores.) They come in several different colors, and some can grow up to two feet long. But just like with bunnies, it’s the little ones that are the cutest. Check out the slug in the video above. We never thought we’d say this about a slimy sea creatures, but Awwwww.

    Jorunnas were in the news recently when dozens of them washed on shore in northern California. They are… not as cute on land.

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