The internet stars answered some questions about what inspired the music on their upcoming EP "Calibraska."
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    Following their performances of “Flights” and “Like That” at our #AskArtist event at YouTube Space LA, internet stars Jack and Jack took some time to answer questions about the process of creating music and where their inspiration comes from.

    “He raps, obviously, and I sing,” said Jack Gilinsky. “And sometimes he dabbles in harmonies.”

    Jack Johnson added, “It’s a little different vibe. We like throwing some different twists in there and changing it up and not doing what’s expected of us.”

    A lot of the inspiration for their upcoming “Calibraska” EP comes from changes in their lives since their careers took off.

    “A few of the songs on this EP coming out are about us moving from Nebraska to California and kind of the whole whirlwind around that and what’s been going on in our lives,” says Johnson. “But then there’s some songs that are about relationships.”

    For instance, “Shallow Love” is about being in a relationship for the wrong reasons, and another single called “The Wrong One” was inspired by ex-girlfriends

    “We’re just excited to put it out, honestly, because we have yet to put out music in the last seven months,” says Gilinski. “And we just feel bad – it’s been so long.”