Little Girl is a Trick Shot Master, Because #HugLife

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  • Trick shots are a well known genre on the Internet. We’ve seen bros toss basketballs off towers, dams, bridges, you name it. But one thing has always been missing from the trick shot world: cute kids. Finally, we have a trick shot video for the rest of us! A trick shot video that truly shows the thrill of tossing something into something else without looking. Just look at little Riley’s smile as she nails these trick shots.

  • The slick shots from this tiny star may look easy, but they took many many takes to get right. Rhett Dashwood, Riley’s father, told Mashable Australia that some of the shots in this video took as many as 300 tries to get right. But, as the video’s title says, Riley didn’t choose the hug life. The hug life chose her.

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