Meghan Tonjes Slams Instagram For Removing #Curvy

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  • YouTuber Meghan Tonjes may be a musician first and foremost (listen to her song “Affected” and try not to swoon), but her outspoken stance on body positivity just keeps getting more and more attention. After launching her #BootyRevolution Instagram campaign in response to a photo of her butt being removed for supposedly violating their “mature content” rule, she’s now taking the app to task once again.

    Instagram recently cleared out their #curvy tag, seeing as a lot of the content posted with that hashtag gets flagged as inappropriate. In a new video, “Why #Curvy Is A BIG Deal,” Meghan points out that the app puts a warning on content labeled #skinny to prevent users from seeking out triggering or harmful photos, and that this new decision feels more like a personal attack on fat bodies. After watching her video, I have to agree.

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  • Meghan goes on to point out that this is a gender specific issue, as well. Was there a public outcry when the Justin Bieber Buttocks were all over Instagram last week? (I mean, yes, but it was just the hormonal outcry of excited teenagers. No one had much to say about his shameful, disgraceful man butt.) In Meghan’s words:

    “The minute a woman shows nipples or butt– both of which aren’t genitals– on the internet, they are labeled a slut, they’re labeled dirty, they’re labeled inappropriate, they’re labeled pornographic. But a famous dude bare-assed on a yacht? Totally fine.”

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  • Is the internet a gross place to exist when your body doesn’t fit into the tiny Tumblr ideal? Sometimes, yeah. Is it getting better all the time, thanks to crusaders like Meghan Tonjes? I have to believe so. It’s really hard to watch a video like this one and not come away from it feeling proud. I’ll leave you with this quote:

    “Maybe we stop punishing people for having a body, and we start teaching people, If you see a picture of a body that makes you uncomfortable, but it doesn’t break any of the site guidelines, grow the f*ck up.”

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