Listicle: Top Ten Most Beautiful Movies of All Time

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  • Let’s break down the most beautiful films ever made. Or rather, let’s watch CineFix break down the most beautiful films ever made. They’re the experts. And they’ve created this excellent video showcasing their picks for the ten prettiest movies in history. CineFix pays tribute to the “complex alchemy of light, sound, camera movement” in this very well-researched list.

    Check out the video above for scenes from these classics. Here is the full list:

    “Russian Ark (2002)

    It’s a single, uncut steadicam shot going through the Russian Heritage museum. Sure, the concept is maybe a gimmick. But it’s amazing.

    Manhattan (2014)

    Woody Allen’s love letter to his favorite city in black and white ultra whidescreen is every bit as impactful as Allen’s own memory of the city as a child.

    Citzen Kane (1941)

    There may be nothing more emblematic of how to make a beautiful movie that Citizen Kane.

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    This entire film is a ballet of heavenly bodies, with carefully composed shots.

    The Conformist (1970)

    This is, in our opinion, the very best of Vittorio Storaro’s work. And that’s saying something.

    The Fall

    Tarsem Singh made a beautiful painting of a film; Colin Watkinson spend 4 years and thousands of miles bringing a child’s imagination to life on screen.

    Hero (2002)

    This film, which tells the same story from several different perspectives, (and color coded to match), takes a simple concept both in plot and style, and brings it to the next level.

    Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

    70mm film, and every frame of it a still image worthy of framing.

    The Tree of Life (2011)

    The most beautiful of Terrance Malick’s films, and there’s quite a bit of competition there.

    Samsara (2011)

    There’s no plot, or dialogue in this film, but it tells a story nonetheless – every image tells its own story, and it’s glorious.”

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