This Signapore Academy Offers Lessons in Lightsaber Combat

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  • If there’s one thing that has kept Star Wars in the hearts and minds of nerds everywhere, one thing that has cemented its status as a sci-fi masterpiece, it’s not the Force. It’s not Tatooine. It’s certainly not Jar Jar Binks. No, the coolest thing to come out of Star Wars are the lightsabers. Any kid who has even watched a Star Wars movie imagines wielding one of these awesome blades. If you still have a dream of swinging a lightsaber like a master Jedi, you’re in luck. Take a trip to Singapore for some hands on saber training — lightsaber training.

    The Saber Academy — “Your source for the Force” — offers lightsaber classes. And it’s not just swinging a toy light-up sword. The Saber Academy promises: “All our sessions are based on actual martial arts. We will guide you through the foundation strikes and footwork, building up to more advanced techniques in use in single saber, double saber and saber staff dueling. Once you have the basics down, dueling with fellow saber combatants will no longer just be random swings in front of each other. You will be able to see attack lines, striking flows, weaknesses in your opponent defense and attack combinations.” Check out the video above for how awesome it looks.

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