Introducing the What’s Trending Podcast!

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  • Episode 0: Vidcon Teaser

    We’re very excited to announce that What’s Trending is starting a weekly podcast, which will come out every Friday on iTunes and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure!

    Our first episode debuts THIS WEEK, and as an added bonus, we’re recording it LIVE from the Firetalk Stage at Vidcon with special guests, SMOSH!

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    Yes, that’s right, both Ian and Anthony will join What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar and Lon Harris to discuss all the biggest videos, news, jokes and trends that blew up the Internet this week. And we’ll record the conversation, maybe add a music bed and take out the parts where we accidentally say stupid things, then upload it to the Internet. Because that’s how you make a podcast!

    “But why does What’s Trending need a podcast,” you may ask. Well, you see, here at WT HQ aka Siren Studios aka The Lazaratory (OK, no one calls it that but maybe we should), we check out A LOT more stories than we get a chance to cover on our Trending Now YouTube segments. More than we can even explore on our blog or our daily I Heart Radio segment. Definitely more than we can cover on Snapchat. And Vine? Are you kidding? Those videos are 6 seconds. It’s barely enough time to say your catchphrase, play a clip from “Trap Queen” and make a silly expression.

    A podcast seems like the perfect way to highlight all the great Internet whatnot we didn’t get a chance to talk about elsewhere, or stuff that just plain deserves more attention. Like this.

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    Also, there’s a lot of people here at The Lazaratory (let’s make it a thing) who are brilliant and hilarious, who you don’t get to hear from enough. Like our amazing, talented, downright shockingly good looking roster of hosts. Or Lon and Jon, the brothers who do our research and writing. Or Hayley, who runs our YouTube Channel and our Tumblr. Or our crack editors, Alex and Zach. You should hear from all of them, too.

    So join us every Friday on Soundcloud and iTunes for the What’s Trending Podcast. Yes, every Friday! Forever! We’re going to do this for the rest of our lives! That’s the What’s Trending promise!

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