This is the Most Beautiful Mountain Biking Video We’ve Ever Seen

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  • We’ve seen all kinds of extreme sports video. They can be exhilarating, nail-biting, jaw-dropping. That’s what it’s like when people jump out of planes, leap across buildings, or careen down the side of a mountain. What extreme sports vids usually aren’t is serene. That’s why this clip from the mountain bike film unReal is so incredible. Called One Shot, this single-take video of biker Brandon Semenuk shooting down a mountain trail is almost… calming. Beautiful, even.

    One Shot took a month to create. The custom-made track had to be dug out of a California hill. And then a custom road had to be built as well, for the camera which was mounted on top of a truck following Semenuk down the mountain. Semenuk only had a change to practice the full course once before shooting the video.

    unReal, produced by Teton Gravity Research and AntHill Films, was released for digital stores July 21st.

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