Critic Eviscerates “Pixels” Movie in Scathing Review

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  • The Adam-Sandler-fights-Pac-Man movie Pixels comes out this week. It is based on a very clever short film featuring the world attacked by classic video game characters. The short was a cool two-minute video. But Pixels the movie? Apparently it’s a trash film for trash people. The movie is currently rocking a 12% Rotten Tomatoes score. But for the definitive review of this apparent abomination, look no further than YouTube critic MovieBob. This blistering takedown of Adam Sandler’s latest film wrecks more devastation than a whole army of giant Donkey Kongs.

    “Pixels is not a movie, it’s a motherfucking active crime scene and the crime is cultural vandalism.” Tell us how you really feel, MovieBob.

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