Remember That Anti-Pill Album Bill Cosby Made in 1971?

Comedian won a Grammy for telling kids "say no to pills"
By Bailey Johnson
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  • “Okay, let’s talk about pills, alright? People take pills to get high.” Bill Cosby explains in the first track of his Grammy-award winning 1971 album Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs. Back in 1971, Bill Cosby was just a likeable comedian. Today in 2015, we have slightly different opinions of the man who admitted to giving women Quaaludes in order to sleep with them. And so we have a slightly different opinion about his anti-drug PSA. The whole thing is bonkers. Even if you knew nothing about Bill Cosby, you would probably think this was weird.

    “If we take a downer, it kind of makes us feel sleepy and we think we feel good,” Cosby says on the track. “There, you’re on a downer now. That’s not much fun, is it? You thought you were going to get high but you’re just very drowsy and sleepy and bumping into people. You don’t want to bump into people.”

    Again, even if you’ve never heard of Cosby, this is an odd track. Cosby’s voice slows down and gets deeper as the “downers” take affect. He then starts talking about “uppers”, his voice raises and the background music goes manic.

    But it’s the contrast between Cosby’s words and the publicly-revealed facts about his private life that leave the most impact. Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and assaulting women as far back as the mid-1960’s. This is the same man who ends the bizarre track above with the simple line, “Say no to pills.” There are drug rehab organizations that can help with deaddiction therapy.