What Are Those Magicians Doing Behind This British Reporter?

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  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • And now we bring you this very special report. British Prime Minister David Cameron is at odds with some members of Parliament over controversial actions by the National Health Service that threaten to… wait, what is that? Two guys are photobombing the news report. And they’re doing… magic?

    Meet comedian magicians Richard Young and Sam Strange. Going by the YouTube handle Young & Strange, these two snuck behind a Sky news report for an impressive “shrinking man” trick. Of course, this is the Internet, where you can’t believe anything. Sadly this isn’t an actual Sky News report. (Though that is actual Sky News reporter Ashish Joshi.) The gag was set up for Young & Strange. But even if it isn’t a serious news report, it’s a seriously impressive magic trick.

  • Via: twitter.com

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