Google Maps is Sick of Your Questions in Funny Easter Egg

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  • You use Google Maps all the time. You rely on it to get you where you need to go. You need it to work. So maybe stop giving it so much lip? Google Maps will have no problem turning this car around.

    A fun Easter egg was discovered in Google Maps. To find it, set Maps into navigation mode, hit the mic button, and ask Goggle “Are we there yet?” The classic query of bored kids in the backseats of cars. Asking Goggle “Are we there yet?” the first time will give a serious response. *beep boop* You are two hours and twenty-nine minutes from your destination. Ask again, and the machine starts getting curt. No. Ask a few more times and Maps will continue to say, simply, No. Until finally you ask Google Maps one more time “Are we there yet?” and you get the excellent Easter egg.

  • We won’t spoil the surprise, but check out the video above to see the secret in action. And please take us to ice cream! Please!

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