Let’s Launch a Semi Truck Over 100 Feet in the Air

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  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • There are world records and then there are world records, know what I mean? Sure, anyone can live to be the oldest person alive, or the tallest, or have the biggest thingamabob collection. Those are all fine. But we like the other world records — the weird ones, the extreme ones. Like, did you know the record for the longest semi truck jump is 62feet? Or it was, until last week, when that record was demolished by over 100 feet! Behold, a real world record!

    While we can’t exactly say launching a semi truck hundreds of feet in the air is a good idea. But it sure does look cool. This very impressive world record took place at the annual Evel Knievel Day event in Montana. There were other records broken that day too — most walls run through while on fire being our second favorite.

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