Adorable: Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Lady’s Belly

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  • Orangutans are the best apes. This isn’t up for discussion. They’re huge.They’re adorable. They’re orange! So, so orange. They are also, apparently, very sensitive creatures. Just take a look at Rajang, the charming orangutan in this video.

    Rajang lives at Britain’s Colchester Zoo. When a pregnant woman visits Rajang, we get this adorable scene. Watch the orangutan kiss the lady’s belly through the glass. But Rajang isn’t just some random belly kisser. As the uploader of this awesome video explains, “I put my belly too the glass and got a dirty look then when I placed my hand on the he tryed to push my hand away my partner returned her belly to the glass and Rajang touched and kissed her belly again through the glass. Truly a special animal that has touched our hearts.”

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