And Terry Crews isn't having it.
  • It’s been brought to my attention that MBBM is not a public relations agency, but an acronym for Most Beautiful Black Men. Now, anyone who knows What’s Trending knows we hate categorizations – if you want to identify as an NNJ (neurotic, nebbish Jew) like most of us who work here, that’s fine!

    It’s all of you that need to put people into boxes. Well, fine. If it’s so important to you, both men in this commercial are MBBMs. It’s an Old Spice commercial, and the original “Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” Isaiah Mustafa, is back!

    He gets bumped off the screen briefly by Terry Crews, who engages in some mindfuckery for mindfuckery’s sake, before returning at the end. The fragrances, by the way, are called “Timber” and “Re-fresh.” And they want you to “Make a Smellmitment,” because that’s weird, and weird = funny.