Woman Crafts Body Image Social Experiment – #WTFem

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    Generally we don’t recommend stripping down to your underwear in London’s Piccadilly Circus – it gets chilly there, after all – but for this video we’ll make an exception.

    The video comes from Liberators International, a group that creates social experiments meant to help people see past their differences and accept each other.

    Australian woman Jae West crafted a public stunt to raise awareness of self-esteem issues. She stood in Piccadilly Circus wearing only underwear, a bra, and a blindfold, and held up a sign reading, “To support self-acceptance, draw a heart on my body.”

    Jae says she had an eating disorder throughout her teen years and early 20s. She wrote in a blog post, “With the growing prevalence of eating disorders and self-esteem issues around the world, this public act of self-acceptance aims to get people to question the true relationship they have to themselves and body image.”

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