“Pitch Perfect” Serves As Perfect Conspiracy Theory Parody

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    My best days at work are the ones when I get to write about “Pitch Perfect” – because I’m obsessed with “Pitch Perfect.” This “Pitch Perfect” conspiracy theory video landed itself at the top of Reddit’s /r/videos this morning, and it might be my new favorite conspiracy theory video ever – because it really turns “Pitch Perfect” into the perfect base for a great parody video.

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  • What’s even better is that I could totally see the team behind “Pitch Perfect” loving this video because neither the first or second movies take themselves seriously at all. That, and Anna Kendrick has mentioned in previous interviews that she’s definitely spent time looking into Pitch Perfect fan fictions – since I big part of her and Brittany Snow’s characters is a hint of a more-than-friends vibe that they give to the audience. So much so, that the actresses behind “Bechloe” picked up a Teen Choice Award for “Choice Movie Chemistry.”

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  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • As someone who’s been following Anna Kendrick’s career since she was the shy, then quickly very crazy girl in “Camp” – I know an obscene amount of random things about Anna Kendrick.

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  • Things like the fact that Anna is a frequent lurker on Reddit, has even responded to /r/IAmA requests on Twitter, and has quite a few tweets addressed to Reddit (which gives me hope that she’ll tweet about this conspiracy theory video). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why she’s so adored by netizens everywhere!

  • Also since I’ve CLEARLY just spent way too much time at work doing a deep dive into Anna Kendrick’s Twitter account – here’s this. My life’s crowning achievement, for which I will spend the rest of time regretting the fact that I used a personal, private Twitter account so I can’t even prove that it’s me. Granted, there aren’t THAT many people out there named Mai Linh. BUT people could think that Anna Kendrick decided to randomly tweet Vietnam’s premiere taxi-cab company and Broadway goddess Kristen Chenoweth about butts, you never know.

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