Team USA’s Giant Robot Needs Your Help!

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    Our glorious future of international robot wars is one step closer as America’s MegaBots Inc prepares to take on Japan – but first they need you to donate to their Kickstarter please.

    Last month, a team of American engineers from MegaBots Inc challenged a team of Japanese engineers to a giant robot duel.

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    But now they’ve realized their robot, the Mark 2, needs some upgrades to take on the Japanese robot Kuratas. The Mark 2 is designed to fire projectiles, whereas Kuratas is more for throwing giant robot punches.

    So MegaBots have set up a Kickstarter, hoping to raise at least $500,000 with stretch goals up to $1.5 million. The goal is to add more melee weapons, like chainsaw arms and mechanical boxing gloves, as well as better balancing algorithms and safety precautions.

    The Kickstarter has only been up since this morning and has broken $50,000 in pledges so far.

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