Kesha, Dr. Luke, and Why You Should Believe Abuse Survivors – #WTFem

By Christine Linnell
It's a shame we still have to stress this point about sexual assault.
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    Billboard Magazine took a secret survey amongst top industry executives with questions like “Who is the most overpaid executive in the music industry?” and “What do you think Justin Bieber will be doing in three years?”

    But they also asked “Who do you believe, Dr. Luke or Kesha?” and that’s where things get really problematic.

    In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer Dr. Luke, saying she felt pressured to drop out of high school, was forced to do drugs and was sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke after being given a date rape drug. She’s currently taking a break from performing as she goes to rehab for an eating disorder.

    Given the fact that rape victims are constantly dismissed as “lying to get revenge” or “asking for it” or a number of other smears designed to discredit them, it’s pretty irresponsible to encourage music executives, of all people, to speculate that Kesha might be lying. Because if she’s telling the truth – and statistically, there’s like a 96% chance that she is – then Billboard is making a terrible situation worse and discouraging other sexual abuse survivors from speaking out against their attackers.