Is Daniel the REAL Bully of “The Karate Kid”?

He is the one starting most of the violence, to be honest.
By Christine Linnell
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    The best part about childhood movies is when you watch them as an adult and realize the villains may have had a point and the characters you once saw as heroes might be kind of dickish now that you think about it.

    Case in point: In his latest video, J. Matthew Turner makes the case that the real hero of “The Karate Kid” is Johnny, a good kid who’s trying to turn his life around but is constantly egged on and bullied by a nasty New Jersey kid named Daniel LaRusso. (This is also a favorite theory of comedian Patton Oswalt and Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother.”)


    The video has caused some debate on the internet as to whether Daniel was justified in attacking Johnny or whether Johnny was simply acting in self defense the whole time.

    What do you think? Watch the full argument and let us know:

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