Foo Fighters “Rick Roll” Westboro Baptist Church

By Christine Linnell
Well played, Foos, well played indeed.
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    If there’s one good thing about the unmitigated hatred of Westboro Baptist Church, it’s the creative ways that people are finding to shut them down – and the Foo Fighters are now the people to beat in this category.

    On Friday before the Foos’ concert in Kansas City, Missouri, WBC was standing outside the Sprint Center with their usual awful signs. But then lead singer Dave Grohl and his buddies (one of them in a fabulous rainbow-colored Speedo) showed up in a pickup truck blasting Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” while waving signs saying “You got Rick roll’d (again)” and “Keep it clean.”

    What started as an obnoxious hate fest became a rocking dance party in the streets of Kansas City. That’s the kind of counter-protest we like to see.