Taiwanese Kid Punches Hole in 350-Year-Old Painting

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    Paolo Porpora’s oil painting “Flowers” just got a bit less priceless thanks to a clumsy 12-year-old Taiwanese boy, WAY TO GO KID.

    (Just kidding, I feel bad for him and I’m glad the museum wasn’t mean about it.)

    The boy was wandering past the $1.5 million 350-year-old painting on a guided tour, holding a beverage, when he stumbled and broke his fall with his hands – including the cup-holding hand, which punched a hole in the painting.

    So picture this glorious work of art, but with a fist-shaped hole in it. I’m cringing just thinking about it.

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    Fortunately, Focus Taiwan reports, the exhibition curator Andrea Rossi asked for the boy’s family not to have to bear the costs of restoring the painting. An insurance company will take care of it before it’s shipped back to Italy.

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