Drone Catches Guy Sunbathing on Wind Turbine

It's certainly a prime sunbathing spot (but maybe not for much longer).
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    One downside of drones is that hidden spots in high places aren’t quite as hidden anymore – great if you’re looking for something stuck on a roof, not so great if you secretly like to sunbathe on the top of a 200 foot wind turbine.

    Kevin Miller was using his drone to take a look at a giant wind turbine when he noticed a man at the top, lying flat on his back, getting some sun. Woken from his nap by the drone’s noise, the man sat up, peered at it and waved, but got a bit annoyed when Miller flew the drone in for a closer look.

    People have commented on the YouTube video saying this is near Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island. One person even said they knew the guy and he’s actually a Benedictine monk – a monk who climbs wind turbines to go sunbathing, apparently. (Though maybe not anymore now that his secret spot got busted.)