Is Tyler Oakley DESTROYING CULTURE?? (No.)

The New York Post's Kyle Smith was in a troll-y mood today.
By Christine Linnell
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    Kyle Smith from the New York Post wants fans of popular YouTubers to get mad at him so they’ll drive traffic to his article. Let’s find a way around that, shall we?


    Everyone’s favorite troll reporter has a new piece called “These self-important YouTube idiots are destroying culture,” targeting – of all people – Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, four of the most pleasant, professional and talented YouTubers in the business.

    Here’s a sample of the rapier wit we’re dealing with here:

    – Tyler Oakley is a “26 year old, 5 foot 5 inch gnome with dyed hair and Clark Kent specs who started his own channel on YouTube.”

    – “A [Grace] Helbig video in which she attempts to tell viewers not to be insecure will give you some sense of the depth of her personality, which is roughly the thickness of a dragonfly wing.”

    – “Sure, YouTubers are narcissists with nothing to say, but why do millions of viewers clamor to watch these self-love sessions. My theory: Every one of them wants to be a YouTube star, but has no talent of any kind and is eagerly poring over the videos of similarly talentless peers to figure out how it’s done.”

    – “More than 4 million hits indicate that there are a lot of people out there who think it’s interesting to witness the drinking of beer. Either that or they can’t get enough of Tyler’s narration of this episode. Lots of sentence fragments, giggling and the odd belch.”

    I’ve seen better trolling in YouTube comment sections, honestly. At least he can spell.

    Also, keep in mind that the New York Post covers very important and serious arts and culture news, like Kaitlyn being the worst “Bachelorette” ever, or the Kardashian family’s fave summer beauty essentials, or the “Duck Dynasty” family launching their own gun line, or the MOST TRAGIC “REAL HOUSEWIVES” FEUDS, or how Kyle Smith had to take a class on how to braid his daughter’s hair because he doesn’t understand ponytails.