Feminist Words Get Added to the Dictionary – #WTFem

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    Feminist terms like “manic pixie dream girl” and “manspreading” are now in the Oxford Dictionary, so now we can all refer to the dictionary when we’re having internet arguments about sexism! Awesome.

    The Oxford Dictionary frequently adds new words and details them in their blog, and a new batch came out today. Some of our favorite internet-friendly terms include “social justice warriors,” “wine o’clock” and “mic drop.” Isn’t language great?

    Of course, some dudes aren’t happy with the feminist slant of some of these words. One of them commented on the Oxford Dictionary website (because you can do that apparently), “Manspreading is sexist since not all men selfishly adopt this practice. In the interests of gender equality, there should be the word ‘womanspreading’ to describe how some women sit in one seat on the train and put their handbag on the adjacent seat to occupy both.”

    So 1) that problem isn’t as rampant as guys sprawling all over a row of train seats, and 2) in our experience women will move their purse 99% of the time when somebody needs to sit down.

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