Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley are Hosting the Streamys!

Two of our favorite YouTubers will appear on VH1 for this year's ceremony.
By Christine Linnell
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    The Streamy Awards should be good fun this year – Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley are back to host the show, now airing on VH1 on Thursday, September 17.

    “It’s amazing to be back hosting the Streamy Awards for the second year in a row. There’s no one better to do this with me than Tyler Oakley,” Grace said in a statement.

    “I’m so excited to be co-hosting this year’s Streamy Awards alongside my buddy Grace,” said Tyler. “I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful night celebrating the talents and accomplishments of online creators and #TeamInternet as a whole.”

    Grace and Tyler are nominated in the show’s First Person category – fingers crossed for both of them.

    (As a side note, can we take a moment to appreciate how People Magazine went out of their way to recognize and praise these YouTubers the day after the New York Post trashed them? Savvy PR work, People, very savvy.)

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