Alabama Fishermen Go “Cat Fishing” to Save Lost Kittens

The two men were astonished to see a kitten swimming toward their boat.
By Christine Linnell
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    Yes, it’s the perfect opportunity for a “cat fishing” pun, but the important thing is two Alabama fishermen rescued a couple of kittens who were apparently abandoned.

    “So we’re out here on the Warrior River, and y’all are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat,” said one man in the video from Alabama Adventures. “A kitten.”

    Sure enough, a bedraggled little cat came paddling up to their boat, a good 50 yards from shore. No sooner had they scooped it out of the water by the scruff of its neck, then they saw another kitten jump down from the weeds and swim out to join its sibling.

    Judging by how unafraid the cats were of people, much less swimming across a river, it’s pretty clear they were pets that had been dumped in the middle of nowhere and were searching for someone to help them.

    Redditors commenting on this video said they’d checked the fisherman’s Facebook page and the cats had been adopted, so it looks like there’s a happy ending.