Nicki Minaj Calls Out Miley Cyrus at VMAs: “Miley, What’s Good!”

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    Miley Cyrus just had to dig this old VMAs argument back up and make it about herself, and Nicki Minaj called her out on it.

    We all remember those aggravating few days when Nicki Minaj was frustrated that “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for Best Video of the Year and was discussing how black women’s bodies aren’t respected by the entertainment industry, and then Taylor Swift thought Nicki was talking about her specifically and caused a big Twitter drama.

    The two of them sorted things out since then, but Miley Cyrus decided to bring it all back up just before the VMAs, saying in a New York Times interview that she didn’t respect Nicki Minaj’s arguments about race because she was “not too kind … not very polite.”

    So at the VMAs, this thing happened:

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    It made the Nicki/Taylor argument look like gentle teasing in comparison – and much of the internet agrees that it left Miley looking even more tone deaf and privileged than Taylor did before, because Miley has a history of using black people as props, appropriating twerking and other parts of black culture to make herself seem “edgy,” and even showing up to the VMAs with blonde dreadlocks.

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