Kanye West’s VMA Speech as Standup Comedy

Just do some clever editing and add a laugh track and it's comedy gold.
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Kanye West’s VMA speech had some entertaining moments, but it turns out you only need a few tweaks to turn it into a killer standup routine.

    David Elmaleh recut Kanye’s speech and some crowd reaction shots with a laugh track, and the result is a standup comedy routine that actually kind of works. I mean, I’ve seen worse routines from actual comedians.

    “I still don’t understand award shows!” Kanye says, as everyone laughs. “This arena tomorrow, it’s gonna be a completely different setup, some concert or something like that. How could you explain that?! I don’t understand it, bro!”

    Seriously, the “did he smoke something before he came out here” part would fit right in at any respectable comedy club. “Listen to the kids, bro!”