What If Reddit Existed in the 1980s?

Let's download the Reddit.exe file from our floppy disk and get started!
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    What would it have been like if Reddit had existed when the 30-somethings of today were growing up? Well, we’d probably be more emotionally unstable than we already are – but the actual experience of using Reddit would have been pretty different, too.

    This “Wonders of the World Wide Web” episode tells you all about how to use retro-Reddit, including how to install it from a floppy disk onto your clunky desktop computer, connect to the network with a dial-up connection and use command prompts to browse comment threads like “Back to the Future is the best movie of the year!” and “640 kilobytes ought to be enough for anybody.”

    Don’t worry, though – Reddit would still be full of internet trolls posting to weird subreddits like r/PicsOfHorseVaginas and r/HitlerInSocks. Some things remain true no matter what decade you’re in.