Man Weeps After Finding Song From 20 Years Ago

The song was his mother's favorite, but he didn't know its name or who sang it.
By Christine Linnell
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    A Congolese man wept with joy after learning the name of a song that reminded him of his mother – a song he’d been searching for for 20 years.

    The story behind the song, uncovered by Reddit, is that when the man and his mother still lived in Congo, they went to a Chinese grocer and heard the song playing over the PA system. His mother liked it so much, she talked to the owner about it and he gave her the tape, which she would listen to all the time – but it was in what they assumed was Chinese, so they didn’t know who sang it or what it was called. Later they moved to South Africa and the tape was lost, and his mother died not long after.

    For the next 20 years, as he worked as a cab driver, he would ask any Chinese people he picked up if they recognized the tune, but none of them did. Then one day he picked up a Taiwanese passenger, and she knew it at once – the song was actually from Taiwan. They quickly found it online and he listened to his mother’s song for the first time since 1993.

    Reddit was so thorough with this cool story that they even found the song in question:

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