This “Hell’s Club” Movie Mashup is Amazing

Tom Cruise fights Blade and the Terminator in this awesome video.
By Christine Linnell
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    There is a strange, dangerous place called Hell’s Club, where fictional characters from different movies meet – and it’s freaking amazing.

    This brilliantly-edited video combines different nightclub scenes from a bunch of different films to create one big intricate scene with a narrative arc that actually makes sense.

    Watch your favorite movie icons interact with each other, including a few characters played by the same actor – like Tom Cruise from “Cocktail” and Tom Cruise from “Collateral” – who notice each other across the club and freak out. You’ll also see the Terminator, Tony Montana, Anakin Skywalker, Michael Jackson, Pinhead, Blade, John Travolta and a lot more. It’s the kind of video where you notice something new every time you watch it.

    The “ANTONIO MARIA DA SILVA AMDSFILMS” channel has a lot of great mashup battles, like Bruce Lee vs Bruce Lee, and Terminator vs RoboCop. If you’re looking for a great way to procrastinate, this should do the trick.