Ross Everett: What’s Trending Podcast Ep. 7

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  • Comedian, host and YouTube star Ross Everett was our guest for the What’s Trending Podcast last week. Teamed up with our own Lon Harris, Hayley Hoover and Anna Lore, he quickly got into some in-depth debates about everything from Miley Cyrus to the Holocaust.

    Check out the podcast on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes to get Ross’ reaction to the controversy over Kentucky clerk Kim Davis refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples (“My advice? Move out of Kentucky”), whether or not Donald Trump is like Hitler (“Just because someone has a nationalist agenda to excommunicate a certain group of people from a country doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY make them Hitler”), whether silly viral stories are being used to distract us from serious issues like the Syrian refugee crisis, and Ross’ rules for how to not tell offensive jokes.

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