Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Multi-lingual

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  • This video of Sandra Bullock speaking German is blowing up on Reddit right now. We didn’t even know that the “Miss Congeniality” actress spoke German! Which led us to wonder – which other of our favorite celebrities are multi talented in the language department? Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Here’s everyone’s favorite regular guy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing about his second favorite city in the world, Paris! Of course, the song is in French, a language he studied after taking a French poetry course at Columbia University.

  • Bradley Cooper

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    Speaking of actors who speak French, Bradley Cooper is fluent in the language with or without the “Limitless” pill!”

  • Jon Heder

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    One of the biggest surprises we found, is that Napoleon Dynamite speaks Japanese! Heder is Mormon and learned the language when he spent a few years there for his mission as a young adult.

  • Kobe Bryant

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    Last but not least, Black Mamba! That’s right, Kobe Bryant has skills both on and off the course. Spending much of his childhood in Italy moving back to the United States when he was 14, Bryant became fluent in the language – he can obviously still speak Italian with ease all these years later!

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