Nigahiga Introduces the C.A.R.D. Board in This Amazing Video

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    There’s nothing we like more here at What’s Trending than making fun of Flo Boards and Glidrs and other devices for people who are too cool to walk like normal people, so Ryan Higa’s latest video kind of made our morning.

    Flo Board sent seven of their boards to HigaTV for free, because HigaTV is just that cool. After unboxing them and taking them for a test drive, Higa and his friends used all the cardboard boxes to make a hilarious video advertising “The CARD Board,” also known as the Cybord Airbord Rolling Device, the future of transportation that literally defies gravity!

    “Does it really work? Well the answer is simple. Definitely maybe it might! See, gravity is nothing but a science word. So is the word Oxygen, also know as O2 to most scientists, meaning there’s two Os – tOOls! And tools are what make things work. Proving that the CARD Board indeed works.”

    The end of the video features some awesome stop-motion animation showing Nigahiga’s CARD Board turning into a Transformer. It must have taken forever to shoot.

    Don’t forget to check out the behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers from this amazing video.

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