Alyssa Milano’s Breastfeeding Photo Controversy – #WTFem

Why are images of breastfeeding still considered unacceptable?
By Christine Linnell
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    Apparently it’s 2015 and we still haven’t sorted out the whole breastfeeding-in-public debate yet.

    Alyssa Milano went on Entertainment Tonight recently to talk about the negative comments she’s received for posting photos of herself breastfeeding her baby on Instagram. Here’s the shocking picture in question:

  • Happy Birthday, my beautiful Elizabella. You’ve taught me that my heart has no end. You were the missing piece to my soul. Thank you for choosing me.

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  • Alyssa pointed out a contrast between the way people respond to nursing and the way they respond to, say, Miley Cyrus’s breasts in her music videos or at the VMAs.

    And yes, that “maybe until she’s six” part was a joke.

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