The “Jessica Jones” Trailer is Here

Marvel fans are geeking out over Netflix's next hit series.
By Christine Linnell
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  • Marvel fans have been waiting a long time, but it’s finally here – Netflix dropped the “Jessica Jones” trailer today, and everyone is expecting it to be a hit.

    If you’re not all caught up on the countless characters and storylines of the Marvel franchise these days, Jones is a former superhero who now works as a detective in New York City, investigating cases involving people with “extraordinary abilities.” Her story will eventually tie in with Netflix’s “The Defenders” along with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the same way the “Iron Man,” “Captain America” and “Thor” films tie into the Avengers films.

    Krysten Ritter plays the title character, along with David Tennant as villain Kilgrave and Mike Colter as Luke Cage (who will be getting his own series in 2016).

    The trailer looks pretty edgy, with a “psychological thriller” atmosphere and an animated style paying tribute to David Mack’s “KABUKI” graphic novels. The background song, if you’re into it, is “Thousand Eyes” by Monsters and Men:

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  • Sharp-eyed viewers will spot the Avengers Tower in the background.

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    Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” premieres on Netflix on November 20.