Steve Rannazzisi Lied About Being In the World Trade Center on 9/11

Fourteen years later, his lie has finally caught up to him.
By Christine Linnell
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    Have we passed some sort of statute of limitations where it’s no longer “too soon” to start digging up 9/11-related dirt on people? Because we’ve had a lot of viral scandals on that topic lately. First we had that old Donald Trump tweet about the “haters and losers,” and then there was that annual 9/11 high school cheerleading routine that’s been going on since 2002.

    And now Steve Rannazzisi is in huge trouble because people figured out that he’s been lying all this time about working in the South Tower of the World Trade Center when the terrorist attacks happened. Which, why would anyone ever lie about that, it’s bizarre.

    Rannazzisi is a stand-up comedian, and on several occasions he told people a story about how he had to run downstairs with the first plane hit, that a cabbie tried to charge him $500, that he thought his girlfriend (now wife) was dead for a few hours. None of which is true.

    He has now apologized, saying he didn’t know why he made that story up. “This was inexcusable. I am truly, truly sorry. For many years, more than anything, I have wished that, with silence, I could somehow erase a story told by an immature young man. It only made me more ashamed.”

    It’s worth noting that he was 31 when he told the story, which would make him a pretty old immature young man.