Boy Takes Down Hate Preacher, Scottish-Style

It's how they do in Scotland.
By Christine Linnell
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    There are only so many ways you can deal with a street preacher yelling hateful stuff through a megaphone when you’re trying to enjoy your day in town – put in headphones, grit your teeth and ignore it, make fun of them on the internet later. But in Scotland, they do things a bit differently.

    In this video shot from a window above a public square in a Scottish town – Reddit believes it’s St. Andrews, Market Street – a preacher was yelling through a microphone and amplifier. The dialogue is so garbled, it’s hard to figure out what he’s saying, but it’s pretty likely it was generally hateful and condemning.

    Someone noticed him as he was driving past, went home, fetched his bagpipes – seriously, does everyone in Scotland have bagpipes just lying around in the closet? because if so THAT’S AWESOME – came back to the square and launched into a rousing rendition of “Scotland the Brave.” It was all so loud, the police showed up.

    A few commenters appear to have been at the scene when this happened:

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    Let’s hear it for Scotland, everybody.

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