Watch Rose McGowan’s Experimental ‘RM486’ Music Video

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  • While the world has always known Rose McGowan as the sultry and talented actress from Charmed, Scream, and Jawbreaker, among a number of other classics, lately we’ve also come to know her as an outspoken activist for equality and against sexism, particularly in Hollywood. And now she adds another hat to her growing collection: recording artist.

    McGowan’s new music video “RM486,” directed by “Telephone” and Spun director Jonas Åkerlund, can only be described as a foray into experimental pop, with the visuals to match. The haunting music opens with a whispered challenge (“I’ve seen things you people can’t imagine”), and is accompanied throughout by a variety of bizarre characters all portrayed by McGowan, ranging from a pale, alien-like creature to a heavily pierced and glittery punk who looks like she could’ve stepped straight out of The Fifth Element.

    “In the last few years I’ve actually released some songs under different names, just me pranking the public,” McGowan said in an interview to Nowness, though “RM486” marks the first single she’s released publicly under her own name. It’s an interesting follow up to her recent directorial debut, seemingly confirming McGowan’s repeated sentiment that she is done abiding by Hollywood’s rules and wants to have more of a say in what kind of art she takes part in putting out into the world.

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