An Inside Look at Banksy’s Dismaland

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  • Most of us will never get to see Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park art installation, an amusement park set up to be a satirical take on Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom, and which will only exist for five weeks.

    Sasha Bogojev, a Croatian writer, and one of the first people who did have the chance to check out this dark spin on an amusement park that is beloved by so many, realized what an opportunity he had, and documented his visit via photographs for the rest of the world to experience. This video, made up of those photos along with Bogojev’s account and interpretation of Dismaland, and background on the installation as well as Bansky, doesn’t make up for missing out on such a unique experience, but it does make for an interesting look into this depressing and honest world portraying just how “fun real life is when we scratch the surface.”

    Here’s the backstory:

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